Miracle Yearling Places Second in Class

by Lyn Vandebrake

Placing second in her class at the Story County Fair on Saturday, Jewell’s Foolish Luck is the miracle yearling. Shown by Austin Jewell, 17, Foolish Luck was almost a tragedy this time last year.

“We were at the fair, had shown horses the previous day, returned to our farm, then came back to the fair” said Austin’s mom, Brenda, leader of Roland’s Happy Helpers 4-H.

“A storm came up, winds blew. We knew it was serious and rushed home. When we got there we found the storm had taken our barn right down to the ground.”

A thousand bales of hay and the hay mound floor lay on top of six horses, all of which perished.

“We moved hay, got chain saws, cut the hay mound floor, and found our three-month old foal buried in the rubble,” said Darrell, father of Austin. “As soon as we got everything off of her, she stood right up, walked out without a scratch on her. That’s when we named her Jewell’s Foolish Luck. She was the only survivor.”

Austin will be a senior this year at Roland Story High School. He plans to attend Iowa State upon graduation majoring in Agricultural Business.

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