Table of Contents for … The Escape Place: A Woman’s Guide to Running Away From Home Without Leaving


  1. Husbands and Other Hazards of the Happily-Ever-After
  2. The Three Most Important Things in Real Estate – Location, Location, Location
  3. Site Preparation
  4. She-shed Near-miss Delivery Disaster
  5. Sarah and the No-frills Low-cost Behind-the-woodshed Escape Place
  6. Haley and the Hippie-tats and Hobbit Houses
  7. Laura and the Tree House
  8. The Characters in My Books Live in My Backyard
  9. Hannah and the Tiny House
  10. A Bamboo Hide-away for Nhung Hong Nguyen
  11. Front Porch Make-over
  12. Laundry Rooms That Do More Than Magically Produce Clean Clothes
  13. The International Travel Design Service That Operates From a Broom Closet
  14. Jackie and the Henhouse
  15. Supershed Rescues Damsel in Distress
  16. Monica and the Iowa Grain Bin
  17. Condo Kitchen Pantry Offers Unexpected Hideaway
  18. I Didn’t Have Room for a She-Shed So God Gave Me a Farm
  19. Kathryn and the Dairy Barn Milk House
  20. Scotland Archeological Dig Unearths First She-Shed
  21. She-Sheds That Travel
  22. It Followed Me Home. Can I keep It?
  23. Daniel Boone Used to Live Here
  24. Acting As Your Own Contractor – Educate Thyself
  25. And God Said, Let There Be Light
  26. Furnishings and Finishing Touches
  27. Alternatives to Prozac Found at Home Depot

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