Lyn speaks at conferences and leads writing workshops on a variety of topics:

    •  From Pen to Published: Taking Life’s Experiences and Making Them Into Sellable Stories
    • Breaking Into Small Markets: How to Get Published in Periodicals
    • Writing a Book Proposal
    • Writing a Query
    • Everything I Know About Writing I Learned From My Dog: From Tracking Down the Story to Following the Master’s Call
    • Landing a Lit Agent / Landing a Publisher
    • Building Your Brand As a Writer
    • How to Take Photographs to Enhance Your Story
    • Your Key to the Successful Writing Life
    • Travel Writing – Tax Deduct Your Way Through Your Next Great Adventure (Part 1 and 2)

What people are saying about Lyn’s workshops:

Lyn’s workshops are inspirational, full of useful information and an abundance of energy. I left with ideas to implement and the enthusiasm to follow through with them.
Ann Wright

Lyn Vandebrake spoke with members of Ankeny Writers Workshop, where her insights and experiences in writing and getting published in periodicals inspired all who heard her. In addition to her delightful personality, Lyn is a vibrant presenter with enviable skills. All went away with a renewed ambition to write for specific audiences in publications across all genre.
Ankeny Writers Workshop Leader,  Gerry Ott

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